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    Guranteed Sold Program

    Get The Peace of Mind...

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The 90 Days Guaranteed Sale Program


WHY… You can’t get the mortgage approved on your new purchase without having your existing property sold or the you just want to sell and wants the reassurance they have a firm deal.

WHAT PRICE….We use similar sales of properties in your area to determine the overall price of your home. After deducting our fees from determined price, we will take off approximately 8% to 12% to derive at final guaranteed selling price of your home in the existing market conditions.

In most cases the home owner does not like the guarantee value, but the main thing to remember is this is not a reflection of what your home is worth. The guarantee price is slightly lower than market value but provides home owners with the assurance of knowing their home will indeed be sold.

The maximum guarantee price is subject to change and there may be some restrictions and some conditions may apply, the best way to figure out if a guaranteed sale will work for you is by having me come out and give you a no cost or obligation market evaluation and let you know what the guarantee price would be. Call Us (403) 401-9060 for more information.