Realistic reasons that why Calgary is much preferred over Edmonton

Posted by Devang Joshi on Friday, December 22nd, 2017 at 12:19pm.

Realistic reasons that why Calgary is much preferred over Edmonton

Calgary’s Chinooks.

The popularity and favoritism of both cities are entitled to one of the leading factors—but, Calgary takes the trophy regarding its warm and pleasant weather. Canada is notorious for its blazing winters that could freeze everything that it touches—even time. Calgary is renowned for its welcoming and convivial, warm winds that garner proportions of summer even in a blistering cold season. On the contrary, Edmonton is reduced to a city that is comprised of snow and frosty winters.

Presence of sunshine in wintery days

Speaking of the Chinooks—Calgary is one of those exceptional Canadian areas that exhibit blue and sunny skies in winters. Canadian winters can be deadly, and one needs to saunter in a bright alley to escape the horrors of winters, and the Calgarian skies always bestow its residents with ample sunshine. Quite the reverse, the Edmonton skies are condensed to grey skies when the winter season starts.

Navigation in Calgary is just easier

Edmonton may outrank Calgary in several facets but, it is irrefutable that it could take hours if not days to reach a destination in Edmonton. In Calgary, we have few major roads that act as a gateway or shortcut to the significant sites in the city. The structure of the roads is less complicated but sturdy, and the considerable number of street signs assists the drivers or the travelers to reach their destination on time.

Calgary is more modern and contemporary in its entity

In the last few years, Calgary has risen to become one of the contemporary and well-equipped cities of Canada. Sure, Edmonton may have few interesting historical sites to visit but, a majority of people prefer to live in Calgary due to its up to date and modern lifestyle.
Better access to the Rockies.
Canada is renowned for its beautiful and mesmerizing tourist sites that attract tourists from all around the world. It is well-known for its captivating and enchanting forests, enthralling waterfalls, and mystifying rockies. Edmonton may have a few places that could attract tourists but, there is nothing more compelling knowing that Calgary is significantly closer to Alberta’s great beauties that are much more accessible as compared to Edmonton.

Calgary Stampede

We are not dubious of the fact that Edmonton hosts colorful and welcoming events but, Calgary takes the trophy home when it comes to organizing a magnificent outdoor show—known as a Calgary Stampede that beautifully harmonizes and brings together people from Canada.

Astoundingly beautiful structures

Calgary takes pride in showcasing its attention-grabbing skyscrapers and historical sites. Calgary Tower is renowned for its eccentric and unconventional architect and designs that simultaneously lights up and spins. Our city structures incorporate inimitability and distinctiveness through and through in their entities. On the other hand, Edmonton is yet to surpass the distinctiveness of Calgary.

Devoted citizens

Calgary is triumphant in many facets but, what makes it stand out from its counterpart, Edmonton, is that Calgarians take utter pride in their city. They are devoted to maintaining the historical and contemporary aspects of Calgary, and they no ignominy in standing for their Calgarian brother in need. A majority of us may come from different places but, we all seem to love Calgary and bond over our Calgarian pride equally.

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